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Wayne Silva & Wayne Silva, Jr.
Sil/Carr Corporation

Dear Sirs,

On behalf of Gilbane Building Company, I want to thank you for the work that you and your subs did for us in West Hartford building the Citizens Bank. This job was up against many obstacles including a very tight schedule. Your workers went above and beyond to help get this job complete on time with outstanding quality.

Due to the nature of this projects, many items had to be thought out and redesigned, you brought valuable ideas to the table especially with the center wall and its removal, and a prompt resolution was put together. The long hours and extra shifts that helped bring this project in on schedule done by yourself and other employees was and is greatly appreciated.

The bank has been given the description of the best-looking branch renovation by their employees and is admired by anyone who steps foot into the branch. We look forward to working with you in upcoming projects.

Benjamin Hyman Paul Tierney Tom Leasca
Benjamin Hyman Paul TierneyTom Leasca
Project SuperintendentProject ManagerVice President