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Connecticut Mutual

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Re: Letter of Reference for Sil/Carr Corporation

This letter will confirm that Sil/Carr Corporation (Wayne Silva) has done an outstanding job in the area of construction work they have performed for the Connecticut Mutual Facility Services section over the past two years.

Sil/Carr's staff has demonstrated excellent work habits, good technical and mechanical skills and are very knowledgeable in their field of work.

In addition, I have found Wayne Silva and his staff to be friendly, courteous, conscientious and personable. The expertise and the meeting of scheduled deadlines make them a credible, efficient and competent company.

Sil/Carr Corporation will be included in our bidding process at Connecticut Mutual in the future. I would recommend that Sil/Carr Construction be included in other facility services bidding processes by companies in the greater Hartford area.

Dick Vida
Dick Vida
Assistant Director
Facility Services